Cellular End User Agreement of Service

End User has no acknowledged accord with Basal Carrier and End User is not a third-party almsman of any acceding amid KORE or a Reseller Abettor and Basal Carrier. End User understands and agrees that Basal Carrier or KORE and Reseller Agents shall accept no legal, candid or added accountability of any affectionate to the End User.

Subject to FCC Cardinal portability rules, End User has no acreage or added rights in any Cardinal assigned to it and End User understands that any such Cardinal can be afflicted from time to time.

End User acknowledges that the Account may be briefly refused, interrupted, concise or bound because of atmospheric, terrain, or added accustomed or bogus altitude and may be briefly disconnected or concise due to acceptance concentrations, modifications, upgrades, alteration and aliment of manual Network. End User agrees that Basal Carrier or KORE or Reseller Abettor shall not be amenable for such interruptions of the Account or the disability to use the Account aural or alfresco the Territory. End User understands that such wireless account carrier cannot agreement the aegis of wireless transmissions and will not be accountable for any abridgement of aegis apropos to the use of the Service.

End User especially understands and agrees that the accountability and obligations of KORE or a Reseller Abettor to End User beneath the End User acceding for Casework may be carefully controlled and bound by Basal Carrier’s tariff, if any, and the laws, rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Agency and added Affiliated States or adopted authoritative authorities which from time to time accept jurisdiction. In any event, behindhand of the anatomy of action, whether for aperture of contract, warranty, negligence, austere accountability in abomination or otherwise, End User’s absolute antidote and the absolute accountability of Basal Carrier, KORE, a Reseller Abettor and/or any supplier of casework to KORE arising in any way in affiliation with the End User agreement, for any account whatsoever, including but not bound to any abortion or disruption of account provided, shall be bound to acquittal by KORE of amercement in an bulk according to the bulk answerable to End User for the Account provided beneath this End User agreement. In no accident shall KORE, the Reseller Abettor and/or Basal Carrier be accountable for any cost, delay, abortion or disruption of the Service, absent profits, or incidental, special, castigating or consequential damages.

In no accident shall KORE, the Reseller Abettor and/or Basal Carrier be accountable for the abortion or abhorrence of Accessories activated by End User in affiliation with the Service. End User shall use Accessories at its own risk.

End User shall indemnify, avert and authority KORE, the Reseller Agent, Basal Carrier and the officers, advisers and agents of anniversary of them controllable from and adjoin all claims, causes of action, losses, expenses, accountability or amercement (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs), and including after limitation for any claimed abrasion or death, arising in any way anon or alongside in affiliation with the End User agreement; the accouterment or use of the Service; or the use, abortion to use or disability to use the Number. This accouterment shall survive the abortion of the End User agreement.

End User acknowledges that the End User acceding is assignable by KORE or the Reseller Agent.

Service may be briefly abeyant or assuredly concluded after apprehension in the accident that KORE’s acceding with Basal Carrier is concluded or in the accident the End User violates the Adequate Use Action or added Arrangement rules and policies. End User waives any and all claims adjoin the basal wireless account carrier, including any adrift carrier, for such abeyance or termination.

GPS Agreement of Service:

(Last adapted October 11, 2021)

IMPORTANT: Use of a GPS (Global Accession System) tracking accessory and accompanying tracking casework and software is accountable to assorted laws, regulations and ordinances, which may alter domestically and internationally depending on the area of the accessory and user. you represent and accreditation that you and all acceptable users, shall accede with all such laws. Amuse argue with an advocate apropos such laws if you accept any questions.

Customer understands and agrees that PAWS, LLC has no ascendancy over availability of GPS satellite, cellular or wi-fi abstracts account on a continuous, ceaseless basis, in ablaze of factors that may affect the service, abounding of which may be alfresco PAWS, LLC’s control, including, after limitation: (i) accessories accident or malfunctions; (ii) alternate aliment procedures or aliment which PAWS, LLC or third affair providers may undertake; (iii) location-based arrest with GPS signal; (iv) third affair cellular account advantage and connectivity; (v) chump or third affair wi-fi arrangement operation and internet connectivity; or (vi) causes above the ascendancy of PAWS, LLC or that are not analytic foreseeable, including, after limitation, abeyance or abortion of telecommunication or agenda manual links, adverse arrangement attacks, arrangement bottleneck or added failures. Agenda that alike back account is absolutely functioning, area advertisement is not continuous, but intermittent, with a aeon amid letters from the accessory that may be amid several abnormal to several minutes.

Customer understands and agrees that PAWS, LLC has bound its liability, including in affiliation with the accessories and casework including with attention to admission outages or errors. Chump shall not be advantaged to any setoff, abatement or added acclaim for any abeyance in casework set alternating herein.

Location Services

The area advice provided is an almost area of the device. PAWS, LLC does not represent, accreditation or agreement the believability or accuracy, abyss or accommodation of any area advice provided through the casework or that the casework shall be absurdity chargeless or uninterrupted.

GPS and Cellular Account Disclaimer

Customer understands and agrees that: (i) the accessory is a wireless accessory and that the account works by application GPS (Global Accession System) and added wireless advice to actuate an beastly or person’s breadth and by relaying such advice to PAWS, LLC; (ii) the account will not accomplish unless an beastly or being is in an breadth that has able wireless communications and GPS advantage and, alike if in such area, the account is accountable to wireless arrangement account and GPS manual limitations and may be abnormally afflicted by terrain, arresting strength, acclimate and atmospheric conditions, or added elements that PAWS, LLC does not control; and (iii) advice about an beastly or person’s breadth will not be accustomed by the accessory unless the accessory in use is able to accept GPS signals, and will not be relayed to PAWS, LLC unless and until the accessory is able to accept able cellular service, or authorize a wi-fi or bluetooth connection.

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