The New Aura Wireless Fence

Newly bigger for backbone and connectivity. An advancement to already accurate technology to be added seamless and carefree. Aura isn’t aloof a acute collar…it’s the next-generation, all-in-one dog assurance system.

Rugged Durable


More Rugged, Added Durable

The new Aura has been expertly redesigned for acute durability, and now comes with a new asperous Aura Pro Case that can bear alike the toughest basset teeth. So it consistently looks acceptable no amount what your dog is up to.

Further Connection


Faster Connectivity Further from Home

Whether you’re in your backyard or bags of afar abroad from it, the new Aura connects instantly via Wi-Fi and cellular alike in alien locations or with the slowest routers.

Better technology


The Change of Advocate Technology

Halo set the accurate accepted for wireless fences, alms added appearance for bisected the amount of acceptable in-ground fences. And today, the new Aura 2 offers you the latest adaptation of technology that’s been approved and activated on over 35,000 dogs nationwide.

Built tougher


Tougher Array for Tougher Conditions

The new Halo’s rechargeable array is now advised to aftermost alike best and can abide acutely algid temperatures after sacrificing array life. Because the abundant outdoors isn’t consistently 70 degrees and sunny.

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