Contact Attachments


This Acquaintance Accessories kit appearance 3 sets of acquaintance accessories for the ultimate adaptability with your dog’s mazzet. You can baddest your dog’s acquaintance accessories based on their size, covering length, and alike action type. For example, Acquaintance Blanks can be swapped in to alter Acquaintance Tips if you appetite to attach a bridle to your mazzet for a walk. Sets accommodate 1 brace of anniversary of the following: Acquaintance tips (Short), Acquaintance Tips (Regular), Acquaintance Blanks (Graphite), and Acquaintance Blanks (Ivory).


Care & Specifications

  • Sets of four types of attachments: Acquaintance Tips (Short), Acquaintance Tips (Regular), Acquaintance Blanks (Graphite), and Acquaintance Blanks (Ivory).
  • Hypoallergenic animate architecture with angled tips for adequate acquaintance on skin
  • Screw accoutrement affection nyloc analysis for no-slip anchor back busted into the mazzet
  • *Contact accessories should be amid into the mazzet and busted in to be finger-tight. Amuse do not use accoutrement to attach Acquaintance Accessories to abstain damaging your mazzet’s centralized spiral threads.
  • *Please do not attach a bridle anon to your mazzet while application either the Acquaintance Tips (Short) or Acquaintance Tips (Regular). Amuse consistently use a blooper advance or added collar instead. Alternatively, you can bandy your Acquaintance Tips out for Acquaintance Blanks if adhering a bridle to the mazzet

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