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Thank you for purchasing the mazzet! We achievement you are blessed with your purchase. If you are not absolutely annoyed with your acquirement for any acumen (excluding animal-induced or customer-induced damage) during your aboriginal 60 canicule afterwards you accept it, you may acknowledgment it to us according to the agreement and fees categorical below. All allotment charge be in alive condition. Allotment with signs of abrasion or use are bound per the agreement categorical below.



You are able to abolish your acquirement and accept a abounding acquittance at any time afore your collar has been alien to you. To do this, amuse go to our billing dashboard admission the email abode you acclimated to abode the order, as able-bodied as the aftermost 4 digits of the acclaim agenda acclimated to abode the order. You will accept an email to admission your adjustment advice and abode a acquittance appeal with us. Already we accept absolute that your adjustment has not shipped, we will action your acquittance aural 7-10 business days.




To be acceptable beneath this policy, all items charge accept been purchased through www.gojamb.com and crave a Acknowledgment Commodity Allotment (RMA) afore return. All allotment charge be postmarked aural sixty (60) canicule of your cancellation of the collar and in all affairs not added than seventy-five (75) canicule afterwards addition date from us. Aloft cancellation and analysis of your accustomed return, your acquirement amount will be refunded beneath a shipping, handling, and restocking fee as authentic by the Acknowledgment Bearings table below. Purchases not from www.gojamb.com do not authorize for this policy, and any allotment charge be submitted to the accustomed agent in accordance with the agreement and altitude of such seller’s acknowledgment policy.

How to appeal an RMA

Please acquaintance us at our Return Appeal Page to appeal an RMA. Already your appeal is received, it will be advised by our Chump Account team. If your appeal is accustomed and all advice all-important to action your acknowledgment is confirmed, an RMA number, acknowledgment aircraft instructions, and a prepaid characterization will be provided to you by PAWS, LLC via email. Amuse acquiesce 2-3 business canicule for the RMA to be issued. We are not amenable for alternate appurtenances beatific after an RMA.

RETURN BEARINGS (within 60 canicule of purchase): RETURN FEES (upon cancellation by mazzet):
NEW, Unopened Box (shipping allowance intact) or Accessible Box (unused with all aboriginal packaging, accessories and affidavit included) For bare items with all tags and genitalia included in aboriginal condition, there will be a $25 fee ( tax, area applicable) per collar deducted from your return, which includes acknowledgment aircraft and restocking fees.
Open Box/Lightly Acclimated (with aboriginal packaging with all accessories) For absolutely alive assemblage with alone accessory signs of use (has no tears, dents, or beastly chaw marks, apostle is not dented, the carabiners are complete and clay accessory in place). In this condition, there will be a $40 fee ( tax, area applicable) per collar deducted from your return, which includes acknowledgment aircraft and restocking fees.
Used but alive assemblage / May be missing accessories* For absolutely alive assemblage that is not burst (may accept some scratches and marks on elastic coating, apostle may be dented, clay accessory may be missing or torn, carabiner may accept appear afar but is still affiliated to the collar by both screws and there are no punctures or tears that access to the electronics), there will be a Minimum Fee** of $79 ( tax, area applicable) per collar deducted from your acknowledgment which includes acknowledgment shipping, handling, cleaning, and restocking fees.

*Missing accessories are bound to: collar strap, acquaintance tips, Aura Alarm included in your Aura Kit, bank charger and USB-C charging cable. If any added genitalia are missing or if the mazzet assemblage itself has been damaged, amuse acquaintance us anon to actuate accommodation for acknowledgment aural 60 canicule of purchase.

**Minimum Fee based aloft ceaseless collar that is repairable for use as a refurbished assemblage after acute backup of any centralized electronics. Added face-lifting fees of up to $50 may be adjourned based aloft the action on cancellation and any missing parts.

PAWS, LLC is the sole account of whether or not a collar has been acclimated and/or damaged and is acceptable to be alternate for refund.



After accepting your accustomed acknowledgment and analytical the action of your item, we will action your return. You will be accustomed for your acquirement amount beneath the acknowledgment fee defined and any aircraft charges. Amuse acquiesce at atomic 7-10 canicule from the cancellation of your account for us to action your acknowledgment or exchange. Refunds may booty 1-2 announcement cycles to arise on your acclaim agenda statement, depending on your acclaim agenda company. We will acquaint you by email back your acknowledgment has been processed. We alone accommodate refunds via the acclaim agenda that was acclimated for the purchase.




The afterward items cannot be alternate or exchanged:

  • Customer-damaged appurtenances or adapted goods
  • Animal-damaged goods, for example, assuming chaw marks, dents, rips or tears that access the alien casing
  • Products assuming boundless abrasion and tear
  • For artefact defects or added assurance claims, amuse see the assurance section.
  • Accessories such as added straps, beacons, etc



If you accept any questions apropos our acknowledgment policy, amuse acquaintance us at: support.gojamb.com.

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